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Lynn Blashford, White Castle Chief Marketing Officer, shares classic marketing strategies of the company that still stand the test of time, how the “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle” movie came to be and collaborating with Wu-Tang Clan. (Ep. 5 Marketing, Disrupted.)

Lynn Blashford, Chief Marketing Officer at White Castle, talks with Jared Chandler, co-owner of The Digital Foundry, on this episode of The Digital Foundry Podcast. Listen to the unique opportunities the 100-year-old company has been afforded as a family-owned restaurant, including the “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle” movie, in addition to the collaboration with Wu-Tang Clan and Impossible Foods to promote The Impossible Slider.

Hear some of the strategies used in the early days of the company that are still relevant today. Such as their use of a spokesperson who would outreach to homemakers to create awareness and educate about their restaurant, which compares to influencer marketing in today’s terminology.

What does White Castle have planned to innovate into their next 100 years? Listen as Lynn goes into details about how they are working on AI-assisted drive-thru orders to make it even more convenient, using robotics on the fryer, why they focus on nostalgia, and what exactly the 1921 slider is.

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