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Buck Wise, Cardone Ventures’ Chief Marketing Officer, talks about the importance of and how to approach marketing, brand, and content strategies. (Ep. 6 Marketing, Disrupted.)

Marketing Strategy, Brand Strategy, and Content Strategy are all important aspects of marketing.
Buck Wise is a CMO for Cardone Ventures and in this episode, he discusses the importance of these three areas.

In this podcast episode, Jared Chandler, co-owner of The Digital Foundry talks with Buck Wise about how to best approach these three different areas of marketing. He shares his experience working in broadcast media, at Wonderman Thompson as well as his time running his own agency before coming to work for Cardone Ventures. The two discuss the importance of content strategy, brand strategy, and marketing strategy in order to be successful in today’s marketplace.

You’ll learn the importance of listening to the needs of your customer so that your brand resonates with your customers and they know exactly what you stand for. You’ll also get tips on how to promote your business that will help you reach more people online. Plus you’ll hear some great stories from Buck’s career in broadcast and marketing! 

• Learn more about Buck Wise’s time in radio and tv, running his own agency, working at Wonderman Thompson, and now his tenure at Cardone Ventures.

• Gain valuable insights to improve your current approach to branding/marketing

• Gain a deep insight into marketing strategy, brand strategy, and content strategy

• Learn how promoting can help build your business

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Stephen K

Stephen is a seasoned marketing professional having started in legacy media and grew into digital marketing. Providing value to the end-user and getting content in front of users are the fundamental goals Stephen focuses on.

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