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Geoffrey Colon, Microsoft Advertising Head of Brand Studio, talks about the importance of first-party data in post cookie marketing, mixed reality, and strategy of scaling the power of word of mouth. (Ep. 7 Marketing, Disrupted.)

Most marketers are still using outdated targeting methods that don’t work as well anymore because cookies are being phased out, user habits and behaviors have changed, and people have become savvier to targeted ads.

We need to start exploring new strategies for targeting our audience if we want to stay ahead of the curve in today’s world. This episode discusses how Microsoft has been adjusting to shifts in user behavior, adapting to the accelerated changes in the digital space, and how you can prepare for oncoming changes in the digital marketing landscape.

The Digital Foundry podcast is hosted by Jared Chandler, co-owner of the digital marketing agency The Digital Foundry. In this episode, he interviews Geoffrey Colon, Head of Brand Studio at Microsoft Advertising.

The duo discusses what has changed since cookies are being phased out and how targeting has shifted as a result of the changes in the last few years. They talk about Microsoft’s exploration into mixed reality, adapting to user behaviors, as well as strategy around scaling word-of-mouth for businesses – a long-used but sometimes overlooked tactic that is reemerging in digital marketing campaigns.

You won’t want to miss this insightful interview with Geoffrey Colon!
• Learn how the market is changing, and what this means for your business
• Gain actionable strategies that will help you reach more customers
• Learn about Microsoft’s plans in the digital space
• Get insights from a top digital marketing professional
• Learn the latest trends in digital marketing
• Grow your business with cutting-edge strategies

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