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Positive Growth Mindset: What it means, examples, and development tips

On this episode of The Digital Foundry Podcast, we are bringing you a special New Year’s edition with thought-leaders in our local community at Cape Girardeau, Missouri, talking about the importance of mindset.

It’s a simple concept, but it’s true: thoughts affect results. Mindset is the one thing that influences your levels of success,` and how you live your life more than anything else because your thoughts impact behavior. 

Develop the “right” mindset and you can enjoy a much better reality.

Our tips to you are the following:  

  1. Surround yourself with positive people.
  2. It could be a friend, work colleague, or mentor.
  3. But surround yourself with positive people.

In today’s episode, you’ll hear positive stories and statements from thought-leaders in our local community.

Austin Bollinger, the owner of B&B Media, talks about how his mindset has changed in the last few years, what sparked the change, and what practices he has tried and recommends for you to try.

Brian Gerau, Director at Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce, discusses how he effectively handles conflict with empathy and facts instead of emotional responses. Dive into his thinking when having to deal with conflict and how to stay positive, as well as the social benefits when focusing on the positive.

Cesar Torres, the owner of Torres Legacy Brand, talks about whether mindset is something you find, how to elevate it, and shares the moment in his life he felt his mindset separated him from the rest.

Wyky Jean, Director of Diversity & Development Coordinator at Saint Francis Healthcare, explores how mindset can help or hurt you and gives us suggestions on how to improve your mindset.

Nate Gautier, Account Manager at Rustmedia, shares the benefits he has learned from meditation, tips for overcoming ruminating over obsessive thoughts, and talks about the toxicity of false positivity.

Jaimee Holland, Insight Strategist at Red Letter Communications, gets into how mindset affects your actions and behaviors, and how you can improve your mental positivity.

Lindsey Radcliffe, CEO at Morning Star Behavioral Associates, discusses why mindset is better replaced by intention, understanding why it holds you back, necessary mental changes needed to overcome it, as well as recommendations and action steps to help get yourself into a “good” mindset.

Dr. Greg “Dr. G” Pursley, owner of PC Medical Centers, shares why mentorship is his #1 tip he recommends for changing your mindset, what got him into the topic, steps for you to improve and grow, and what keeps him pushing forward and growing.

Koreena Woodson, Director of Resource Development at Community Partnership of Southeast Missouri, explores the qualities an individual needs to fall into a “growth mindset” in 2022, shares her experience of shifting her mindset to improve her life, and shares advice to those wanting to rebuild themselves.

Leave a comment below with your favorite tip to better improve your mindset!

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