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Jenna Habayeb, BFA Industries Chief Brand Officer, discusses the importance of social listening, content creation, and scaling. (Ep. 4 Marketing, Disrupted.)

In this episode of the Digital Foundry Podcast, we speak with Jenna Habayeb, Chief Brand Officer for BFA Industries (Beauty For All Industries) which encompasses the Ipsy, Boxy Charm, Madeby Collective, and Refreshments brands.

Listen in as we discuss the importance of social listening to your customers to understand their wants and needs, the content that resonates with them, and creating compelling experiences for them.

Later in the episode, we talk about the importance of creating content for the individual social media platform, why it’s important, and the need to test, analyze, and then scale. Jenna describes her process simply as “…test, test, test, see what sticks, and then figure out how to scale and roll out.”

If you missed the Make-Off battle on Instagram, Jenna describes the fun entertaining side of brand placement, brand awareness, and how to create fun entertaining social media content with your social media influencers. 

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