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Lou D’Angeli, Cirque Du Soleil Vice-President of Marketing, on the importance of storytelling, collaborating, targeted marketing, and generational branding. (Ep. 2 Marketing, Disrupted.)

In this episode Lou D’Angeli, Vice-President of Marketing and Relations for Cirque du Soleil takes the time to speak with The Digital Foundry Podcast (Marketing, Disrupted.) about the importance of taking risks and attempting new ideas to stand out from your competition.

Hear what Lou has to say about using storytelling in advertising with a variety of content to better connect with a wider audience rather than relying on a single asset or campaign. Even giving his insight based on his own early experiences with the brand.

We also delve into the amazing potential of the two world-renown brands, Cirque du Soleil and Disney, collaborating together to create Drawn to Life and how it benefits both, the targeted marketing opportunities to advertise it, and how it will benefit the Cirque du Soleil brand with generational and family marketing.

Lastly, we talk with Lou about the challenges of the pandemic for the brand, and what it means for the performances and marketing for the brand, and the messaging to consumers as they reopen and welcome guests back.

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