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Hayley Raymond, Hello Fresh Associate Director of Brand & Creative, on Brand Marketing, Importance of Producing Content, and more. (Ep. 1 Marketing, Disrupted.)

In today’s episode, we hop on a chat with Haley Raymond, the Associate Director of Brand and Creative over at Hello Fresh (the biggest food subscription box company in the United States).  Haley came on to answer questions about how Hello Fresh manages its brand marketing, and how important it’s becoming to produce content.  During the chat, Jared also dives into how Hello Fresh will navigate the industry in a post-pandemic world.  Not only that, but she discusses a new initiative called Beyond The Box that donated 4.4 million meals in 2020.  By the end, Hayley gives advice to small business owners on how to develop a brand marketing strategy.

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Stephen K

Stephen is a seasoned marketing professional having started in legacy media and grew into digital marketing. Providing value to the end-user and getting content in front of users are the fundamental goals Stephen focuses on.

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