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Interviews, Insight, and Advice from The World’s Top Marketing Professionals

“Marketing, Disrupted.” is The Digital Foundry podcast produced for small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketing professionals looking to learn and be inspired by thought leaders in the marketing realm today.

Your host Jared Chandler, entrepreneur and co-owner of The Digital Foundry, interviews the finest marketers leading the charge of the most iconic brands in the world today.

Gain insights into the minds of the top talent from leading global brands. Hear their struggles and strategies, what hurdles they face, how they overcome them, and the upcoming trends that excite them.

Discover the effective innovations, techniques, and strategies these top marketers are using to continue to grow branding, engagement, reach, and sales, and gain insight and advice that you can use to apply to your business and marketing efforts.

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Lastest Episodes

Sophie Jamison (Nerf/Hasbro)

| Podcasts | No Comments Sophie Jamison, Nerf's Chief TikTok Officer, talks about brand strategy & useful metrics. (Ep. 9 The Digital Foundry Podcast) If you're looking to start marketing your brand on TikTok,…

Local Leaders: Positive Growth Mindset

| Podcasts | No Comments Positive Growth Mindset: What it means, examples, and development tips On this episode of The Digital Foundry Podcast, we are bringing you a special New Year’s edition with thought-leaders…
Geoffrey Colon Microsoft Advertising Head of Brand Studio

Geoffrey Colon (Microsoft Advertising)

| Podcasts | No Comments
the importance of first-party data in post cookie marketing, mixed reality, and strategy of scaling the power of word of mouth. (Ep. 7 Marketing, Disrupted.)

Buck Wise (Cardone Ventures)

| Podcasts | No Comments
Buck Wise, Cardone Ventures' Chief Marketing Officer, talks about the importance of and how to approach marketing, brand, and content strategies. (Ep. 6 Marketing, Disrupted.)