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Video Services

Showcase your business or offerings with professional video.

Animated & Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are an excellent marketing strategy for businesses that have a message to convey. The whiteboard animation style is engaging and attractive to the eye, making your content stand out in an era where consumers can skim through commercials with ease. Make customers understand what you are trying to say by simplifying your company’s narrative into short graphical scenery, moving people or objects around on the board sequentially, while narrating explanations of each step of your otherwise-lengthy subject.

Starting at $2,000

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Video Production

A video can show who you are and show people just how much your product or service helps them live better lives. It’s one of the most effective and engaging forms of marketing out there.

However, it can’t just be any video. You need to tell a story, your story, and that means planning the perfect shots, setting up your lighting, and making sure everything is framed just right. And don’t forget about adding good sound so your message can be understood.

Video is one of the most effective forms of marketing these days. It’s the perfect way to tell your story with sound and visuals. Get in touch if you want to see what we can come up with for you!

Starting at $2,500 (One-day shoot)

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Video Editing

When you need a video to showcase your product in a well-produced, compelling way, you’ll want to hire professionals. With our experience and expertise, we have the skill set required for editing videos so they catch the attention of consumers in a positive manner. Our company is an excellent option when it comes to integrating content such as motion graphics and animation into your project design.

Our firm provides video production in a cost-effective manner. We have the experience necessary to integrate videos into your brand’s marketing strategy, which is an investment that will yield positive results. To find out how we can help you create advertisements and promotional material that makes a lasting impression on customers contact us today.

Starting at $90/hr.

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Logo Animation

Animations help you draw attention to your company’s brand in a dynamic, easy way. We take your logo and turn it into any kind of animation that will get people excited about what you do: A bouncing drop of water hits an invisible surface and expands into a fountain. An airplane takes off and leaves behind a beautiful vapor trail of blue shining stars. Your company name appears on screen amidst rolling hills and sparkling crystals. With the power of motion graphics, we can create whatever mood suits your design needs perfectly, from soothing fountains to dramatic explosions!

Starting at $400

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E-Commerce Product Videos

Ecommerce product videos can help you to sell your products and increase the conversion rate of your sales. Videos help customers to better understand what’s offered and why they should buy, as well as show potential customers that there are other people out there who use and enjoy these specific products every day.

Starting at $3,000

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3D Product Animation

3D Product Animation offers individual animations of any product on an interactive model. The 3D animation can be used to demonstrate the use or functioning of a product, as well as showcase its design and more technical aspects related to it.

Starting at $4,200

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Unboxing Videos

A growing trend in marketing, unboxing videos are where the excitement for your product really begins. Giving customers a chance to see, feel, touch, and explore their new product before it ever reaches their doorstep has never been easier.

Starting at $400

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Intro & Outro Videos

Make your videos stand out. Outros and intros can help you to engage your audience before and after they watch one of your videos. Intros will show them how the video relates to what they’re about to watch, as well as giving a clear call to action after the end of a video. When people feel knowledgeable or informed, they are more likely to recommend that product.

Starting at $900

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Drone Videography

Stand out from your competition with video from a licensed drone videographer to sell your brand from the sky! This service captures shots from an aerial view showing off your company’s best features and offers overhead views of buildings, landscapes, and locations. Aerial video brings depth to consumers who can see what you can’t with traditional marketing methods.

Starting at $550

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Product Photography

Professional product photos are the difference between an amateur effort and a polished, professional marketing strategy. It’s important to make sure your brand is represented in a polished way online.

With our photography services, you’ll never need to worry about your products looking dull or unprofessional. We take care of the editing process and polishing up the photos for perfect presentation.

Our aim is to provide you and your company with images that you’re proud of, and we will go over all the details of the photos to show our clients exactly what they can expect from us.

Starting at $750

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App & Website Previews

Show off your app or website to the world with engaging screenshots and captions. Create engaging screenshots and captions of your product of both usable apps, as well as websites for your business, event, or project. We take pride in creating aesthetically pleasing content that conveys information efficiently while catering to user interests.

Starting at $500

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